Do you need transport for your luggage when travelling around Norway,

Xfrakt can help you.


Xfrakts new Luggage Service offer a safe, reliable and cost competitive alternative to cover your shipping needs.

Either you are travelling in larger or smaller groups, we'll ship your luggage between several of Norways most popular travel destinations.


Currently our services are available from Oslo and Bergen and we are always working on expanding our offer.

If you're travelling outside these cities you can send us a request at  and we can hopefully help you.



We offer Luggage Service between:






Available Hotels for Pick-Up / Delivery:



Browse our Booking tab under Luggage Service for a quick overview of our prices

and book though our form by entering the required information.


Regarding other inquiries send us an mail and we'll respond back to you as fast as possible.



Once you've booked an order we'll send you a confirmation mail and notification for pick-up and delivery

so you can track your luggage every step of the way.

Contact us through telephone or mail and we'll send you an update.



Note: All Luggage Service orders are transported with gas or diesel vehicles